Hypertension detection using heart attack test

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  • E. coli is often in the news as being the contaminant of recalled food, or being in lakes or other bodies of water where it is suggested people avoid swimming. E. coli is a natural “component” in the feces/stool of mammals—humans too. E. coli helps food break down to release its nutrients for use. It also makes Vitamin K which is essential for blood clotting abilities. Without E. coli in the intestines, a person would bleed to death because Vitamin K is needed to make blood clotting factors.

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    One in four Americans have metabolic syndrome, characterized by three or more of the following: (1) abdominal obesity (waist size >40" for men and >35" for women); (2) impaired fasting glucose (>100 mg/dl); (3) high blood pressure (>130/85 mmHg); (4) elevated triglycerides (>150 mg/dl); (5) low "good" HDL cholesterol (<40 for men and <50 for women). Diabetes is defined as a fasting blood sugar in excess of 125 mg/dl.

    A research on cardiovascular disease in the United States reveals that 1.5 million cases of heart attacks occur each year with 500,000 resulting into deaths. Heart attack, which is the leading cause of death among men and women in the US, claims about 50% of deaths occurring within an hour outside a hospital and about 6% to 9% of mortality rate for those who make it to the hospital. Studies show that heart attacks commonly occur on Monday mornings and usually during early morning hours when the blood platelets are more sticky.

    Food additives and preservatives. These are substances which you should avoid anyway. But if you’re particularly sensitive to them, they might be causing your symptoms. Watch out particularly for artificial sweeteners.

    Triglycerides are the main form in which most fat exists, in both our bodies and components of the food we eat. About 95% of the fat stored in your fat cells and circulating in your blood is in the form of triglycerides. Not only do you take them in from food, your liver makes the little buggers, and the more sugar you take in, the more the liver makes.

    Abnormal heart valves-Heart valve problems can result from disease, infection or a defect present at birth. When the valves don't open or close completely during each heartbeat, the heart muscle has to pump harder to keep the blood moving. If the workload becomes too great, heart failure results.